Warm white, cool white, daylight, 827, 830, 840, 865, 927, 930, 940, 965 - are all these making you confused while choose lighting for your new home? You entered a lighting shop only to realize the many different shapes and sizes and color temperatures.

Well, fret not! We're here to help you.

First off, let's take a look at the color temperature guide:

This is your ultimate cheat sheet to color temperatures.

1. Bedroom

That one sacred space. Bedroom lighting is all about creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You certainly don’t want bad lighting throwing off your mood. Use warmer color temperatures (2700K) to help set that cozy atmosphere.

Tip: Avoid cooler/daylight color temperatures (4000K- 6000K). Blue light associated higher color temperatures can mess with your circadian rhythm, which can make it harder to fall asleep and disrupt normal sleep patterns.

Pro Tip: Install dimmer switches near your bed so you don’t have to get out of bed after getting comfortable.

2. Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom lighting, you will want just enough light to get in and out when nature calls in the middle of the night. A dimmable overhead light or wall lighting should do the trick. For grooming and make-up, you’ll want to have good lighting above and on the sides of your mirror.

Tip: Stick to a color temperature of 2700K for overhead/dimmable lights. 3000K is recommended for vanity/mirror lights. It’s not cool, but more neutral and you will perceive the light as being brighter than a “warm” yellow light.

Pro Tip: Choose LED bulbs with a high color-rendering index (CRI). High CRI bulbs show true colors and skin tone under the light as opposed to those colors getting distorted. This comes in handy when applying make-up.

3. Kitchen

The belly of the beast. Often one of the most highly trafficked spaces in any home, your kitchen should be brightly lit. A bright kitchen is a safe kitchen!

Tip: Consider under cabinet lighting for additional task lighting of for mood lighting when kitchen is not in use.

Pro Tip: Stick with a cooler color temperature of 4000K. This will keep the kitchen nice and bright to help avoid any food prep mishaps.

4. Living

Considered the heart of the home, it is important for your living to feel welcoming. The key is to strike a balance of ambient and task lighting. While task lighting gives you the brightness perfect for school work and hands-on hobbies, ambient lighting sets the mood for a movie night or catching up with old friends.

Tip: Use 3000K lightbulbs for task lighting and save warmer color bulbs for other areas and decorative lamps/fixtures.

Pro Tip: Avoiding having light fixtures above your TV and entertainment system as it may distort the true colors coming from your favorite movie.

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