It's important to break down your home by rooms before deciding on the lighting for each. Since each room serves a different purpose (e.g. bedroom is for sleeping and the kitchen is for cooking), the lights you choose makes a big difference as well.

First, there are three different types of lightings:

1. General

General lighting provides the room's main illumination. Typically located in the center of the room, it ensures that the entire room is well-lit. Placed symmetrically and in an even placement, downlights and  fluorescent lights are commonly used.

2. Task

Task lighting is what focuses light on areas where specific activities are carried out. Its purpose is to help you better accomplish these activities (e.g. reading, cooking, etc.) and to reinforce a certain atmosphere in the room. Examples of task lighting include table lamps and under-cabinet lighting.

3. Accent

If you have paintings and art sculptures, or even collectibles, accent lighting helps to highlight them. Usually in the form of spotlight, accent lighting focuses a strong light on the object in question.

Secondly, there a few different light bulbs to choose from.

1. Incandescent

Incandescent bulbs give off a warm, yellow light and are used for interior lighting. Downside, they are the least energy-efficient and only last for around 800 hours. This type of bulb works best as floor or table lamps, as well as chandeliers.

2. Fluorescent

Florescent bulbs provide a cool, bright, energy-efficient light that is perfect for areas that are not as important for task or mood lighting. Such areas in your home includes hallways. One main benefit of such a bulb is that lasts long and does not require frequent replacement.

3. LED

Expensive at first, LED bulbs last the longest and has high energy-saving while emitting bright light with small wattages. This makes it one of the most value-for-money bulbs. Consisting of a semiconductor circuit that emits light when electricity is powered, LED lights do not cause excessive heat. Therefore, they are a great option as rooms fitted with these lights will not warm up easily. LED lights come in very diverse colors, ranging from white, yellow, red, to blue.

4. Halogen

Hot to touch, halogen bulbs are often used to provide a spotlight on artistic objects in the house. Available in yellow and white light, it provides warm light. Furthermore, it consumes high levels of energy.

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